HCM Brown partners with Business Catalyst

I am pleased to announced that HCM Brown has entered into a partner agreement with Adobe’s Business Catalyst content management system.

Adobe’s Business Catalyst system represents an expansion of current CMS offerings to our clients and provides a powerful and flexible solution designed for small and medium sized businesses focused on growth. The new partnership allows us to offer our clients an all affordable, all inclusive system designed for businesses whose basic website needs today, may someday expand to needing a complete online business solution. By working within Adobe’s powerful platform, we are able to meet the long term needs of expanding businesses, while eliminating the need to design across multiple platforms. Sometimes clients just want to start with something basic. With Business Catalyst, we can start themoff on a basic website and hosting plan… and then upgrade them at any time into a complete Online Business solution.

Business Catalyst provides both us, as designers, and our clients a powerful, flexible and seamlessly integrated solution.