Jarid Brown & Hope featured in Fundraising Success

HCM Brown’s founder, Jarid Brown, was recently featured in the eNewsletter and website of Fundraising Success Magazine for.  The article, providing tips for nonprofit’s to better manage their online interactions, is a pelude to an upcoming article in the August or November issue in which Jarid discusses the digital media & marketing strategy in place at The Hope Institute. 

5 Keys to Make the Most of Your Nonprofit’s Online Experience

From Fundraising Success Magazine

When Jarid Brown joined the Hope Institute for Children and Families 18 months ago as manager of online interactions, the Springfield, Ill.-based organization dedicated to educational, residential and health services to children with disabilities had very little in the way of online communications.

A year and a half later, the Hope Institute now has a fully integrated online strategy that has seen remarkable growth in e-mail and e-newsletter subscribers, social-media followers, website visitors, and e-philanthropy. It was such a remarkable transformation that FundRaising Success will be sharing the Hope Institute’s online metamorphosis in one of the two remaining cover stories (August and November) in our four-part case studies series this year.

Here, Brown shares his keys to getting the most out of your nonprofit’s online experience.

Don’t follow the herd

It’s perfectly normal and even encouraged to look at what other successful organizations are doing and take a cue from them. But it’s foolish to…

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