St. Patrick Catholic School Website Launch

St. Patrick Catholic School in Springfield, Illinois, is a mission school providing a faith-based environment with a rigorous academic curriculum focused on each student’s present and future success. St. Patrick is a learning environment open to children and families of all races and creeds within the community, providing an affordable, high-quality education to families with limited resources. As a charitable organization with limited resources, St. Patrick needed a website that balanced the charitable mission of the school while providing important information for the families of current and prospective students.

The previous website, a one-size fits all website through a national carrier, offered limited functionality for the organization as reflected in the limited information available through the previous website. We new website was built to reflect several goals:

  1. Provide updated information for families and prospective families.
  2. Better educate the public as to the school’s history and mission.
  3. Provide donors with updated event information and an easy to navigate method for giving online.
  4. Establish new lines of communication with the school’s alumni.
  5. Provide a platform that allows staff to easily update the website with minimal publishing experience.

Nonprofit website design exemplifies the need for a balance between design and function, and working with the dedicated, mission-driven staff of St. Pat’s allowed me to better balance these needs.  So click over and learn more about one of Springfield’s finest charitable organizations and how they are working tirelessly to better our community.

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